Monday, October 10, 2005

A letter to Gracie

I got some mail yesterday from my cousin Gracie. She sent me a beautiful picture on green paper that I hung on my fridge. I made her a picture and wrote her a letter today. The picture is of a nice monster in his garden. I made some clouds, but they are the big puffy kind, not the kind that rain falls out of. I also made a mommy bird and her two babies, can you see them? Mommy helped me with the letter, I told her what I wanted it to say and she told me what letters to make. Mommy said that we can go to the post office tomorrow to mail my letter!

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I got a new letter from Gracie today. Here's the picture she sent. It's a nice monster in his garden (the little guy on the right is his shadow), some clouds, a bird family.....this feels like deja'vu. Gracie worked soooooo hard on my picture and I LOVE it...almost as much as I love Gracie......but not quite because I could never love anything as much as I love her!

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