Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Long time, no post...

It's been a few months since our last post. Despite not having seen a Star Wars movie for almost 2 months, the Star Wars obsession does not show sign of fading. We have a whole pile of pictures, however most of them look eerily similiar. Here's a few examples of Sam's latest work:

Here we have Darth Vader (of course) after he has just finished cutting young Luke Skywalker's hand off. On the right, a young Luke (minus a hand) has fallen down a tunnel of some sort, while on the left we see both his decapitated hand and light saber falling down another tunnel. Out a window we see some fighter ships chasing the Millenium Falcon as it rushes back to save Luke.

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Here is a very similiar picture. Once again Darth Vader is the central figure of the picture and we see Lukes hand and light saber tumbling down a tunnel. To the right is Obi Wan Kanobi's funeral pyre and on the left Yoda looks on from a tree branch.

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This next one is a little strange. We have Darth, Luke, his hand and light saber but on the right we see a spider burning in a fire and another fire with what Sam called "Obi Wan bits and pieces". I told Sam that I thought it was sad and he quickly added in "Well.....I think that it was just a statue of Obi Wan, so it's not really pieces of him, just pieces of stone....because that would be mean if it was REALLY Obi Wan"....

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